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We as a partner understand that challenges posed by each type of industry are different but core principles of business remains same and so are the area of (BPI) Business Process Improvement. As per our web research and analysis following are the four roles within business management pyramid:

Business Leaders

Business Leaders create strategic plans and associate resourcing plans necessary to cause the organization to be successful. Business leaders communicate to the organization their business plans and are responsible to build bridges and remove barriers that will allow the business performance objectives to be met. For this level our team can help this level to collect and produce business performance metric data.

Process Owner

Process Owner designs the processes necessary to achieve the objectives of the business plans by creating, updating and approving documents. Our team can help this level by creating these documents as per their needs and requirements, presenting them with the summary reports that can help them evaluate their existing processes and make predictions for their newly laid process in place.

Operational Manager

Operational Manager brings the resources and processes together to achieve the objectives created by business leaders by teaching process operators how to perform the processes. Process operator instruction usually consists of classroom and On the Job Training (OJT). The operational manager analyzes the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) during the production cycle to evaluate the work group’s ability. As they form the next level in pyramid so our team believes that there is a great scope of increasing efficiency and saving cost at this level as well, by automating their day to day process, creating training manuals (online / offline) and providing them with the reports for analysis and extrapolating the results.

Process Operator

Process Operator learns and performs the processes to achieve the objectives created by business leaders and communicate improvement suggestions to operational manager. As they form the base of pyramid so our team feels and recommends increasing efficiency and reducing cost at this level by training them to make optimal use of technology and get rid of repetitive IT related work saving time and money. Our team can extend its experience and expertise to make this level well equipped to validate the process / data related to their process and make them predictive rather then being reactive.

All the entities of business management pyramid follow the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, and Act) and Infolancers IT Work Force expertise and experience can help its customers to reduce cost and achieve higher efficiency in Do and Check stage of the complete PDCA cycle through:
• Minimum Transition Period
• Project Planning For
o Business Process Analysis
o Requirement Analysis
o Execution With Specific Technical Expertise
o Documentation
• 24 X 5 Days Support
• Setting Up Outsourcing Strategy
• Effective Communications